Concerts in the Attic is a not-for-profit house concert series hosted by Steve Long and Ed and Sarah Rogers. Held in the attic (that's right, the attic) of Ed and Sarah's one-hundred-year old house in Fort Worth's historic Fairmount neighborhood, the series features top-notch singer/songwriters performing in an intimate setting for an appreciative and attentive audience of music lovers.

Concerts are usually held on Sundays beginning at 5pm*, and are followed by an acoustic song circle until 11pm. Guests are encouraged to bring acoustic instruments, potluck dishes and their beverage of choice. A suggested donation is collected during each show, all going directly to the performer.


Seating for each concert is limited to 30 guests and is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please send an email, with the name of the performer in the subject line, to Steve Long at

* Guests are encouraged to arrive thirty minutes to an hour prior to showtime so that shows are not delayed.

For directions, information or any other questions you may have, please contact Steve Long.

To request an invitation, please send an email, with THE ARTIST'S NAME in the subject line, to Steve Long at THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD TO RESERVE SEATS. Unfortunately we cannot honor requests sent via Facebook.

2014-2015 Season:

September 21: Bob Livingston

October 5: Jimmy Davis
October 26: Nels Andrews
November 9: Jonathan Byrd
December 14: Jay Johnson & Joe Pat Hennen
January 11: Michael Hearne
February 8: Walt Wilkins
February 22: Sara Hickman
March 22: Robyn Ludwick
April 19: Chuck Pyle
May 3: James Michael Taylor

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Flotsam from nels Andrews on Vimeo.


Wisteria from nels Andrews on Vimeo.




Sunday, October 26 - NELS ANDREWS
Doors at 4pm, Show starts at 5.
Suggested donation - $20

"Strikingly intimate album that combines deft storytelling with a warmth of tone and gentleness of pace..awash with layers, metaphors and echoes woven into subtle, contemplative contemporary song. Like finding a seashell at the back of a dusty cupboard, putting it to your ear and hearing the ocean". -Folk Radio UK

"A true wellspring of 21st century music." album of the week, Iain Anderson, BBC Scotland

“The rhythm of the ocean... and light and shade dynamics reminiscent of Astral Weeks. As great singers do, Andrews has the gift of making the ‘La-La-La’ coda sound as profound as ancient philosophy” (4/5 stars) Rock’n Reel Magazine, UK

“A wonderfull and delicate work of art” (4/5 stars) Maverick Magazine UK

"The scrimshaw songs are so carefully made, like the stuff of the title itself, fine etchings on bone. Nels is a master carver, an artist patient and obsessed enough to turn a whale of an idea into something delicate and beautiful from
any angle.” Anais Mitchell

"Scrimshaw" is a book of poetry on tape, sung by the author over a lush orchestral folk soundscape. Each song contains several lyrics that float above the surface and convince the listener that Nels Andrews may well be one of America's finest writers. In a just world, it will move several yoonz.
John Elliot

"There's those albums you grow to love over time, and then there's those albums which, you're so in smitten with
everything that artist has ever done, that you're completely in love with their newest work almost from pure
anticipation. And then there's those albums, like Nels Andrews' Scrimshaw, that exceed even those lofty anticipations
and expectations. He has such an effortless singing voice, and a timeless writing voice. These tunes are all deep
with symbolism, and vivid with imagery. And they sit together elegantly as a single unit. It's a truly beautiful album."
-Danny Schmidt

"The songs on Scrimshaw are fantastically warm, fantastically poetic and fantastically moving. From start to finish, Nels takes us to another world. It's like being part of a storybook. Beautiful and pure. It's magic." -Carrie Elkin

'When Nels Andrews tells a story, he sings it with the wisdom of a sea captain and the exuberance of a deck hand. When he's through, you inevitably wish you could hear it all over again. Lucky for us, he's made an album called Scrimshaw, and we have devices for playing recorded music'. Robbie Hecht

"Once this record went in the cd player, it did not come out for literally months. We dove into the world of Scrimshaw and swum around in the dark lush tones and haunting poetry. This is a true poet's masterpiece. Every word is a jewel, placed purposefully with skilled hands. A flowery way of saying that Nels Andrews' Scrimshaw is undoubtedly one of my favorite records of the last ten years."
Raina Rose