Concerts in the Attic presents Robyn Ludwick
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Songwriting, like all true art, cannot be rushed. Scratch that. It can be rushed — but it shouldn’t. All songs reveal themselves in their own time, and whether that be all at once in a burst of inspiration or slowly over time — days, weeks, sometimes even years — well, the best songwriters come to learn and accept that patience is as essential to their craft as musical acumen and an innate way with words. Jump the gun and force a song before its time is right, and odds are the results will leave a lot to be desired.
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Concerts in the Attic is a not-for-profit house concert series hosted by Steve Long and Ed and Sarah Rogers. Held in the attic (that's right, the attic) of Ed and Sarah's one-hundred-year old house in Fort Worth's historic Fairmount neighborhood, the series features top-notch singer/songwriters performing in an intimate setting for an appreciative and attentive audience of music lovers.

Concerts are usually held on Sundays beginning at 5pm, and are followed by an acoustic song circle until 11pm. A suggested donation is collected during each show, all going directly to the performer.


Our house concerts are private, invitation-only events, however, anyone is welcome to request an invitation.

Approximately 30 days before each concert, we will announce the show and begin taking requests.

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